Technical patch №9


What’s new:
1. We are introducing rank system into the game!
Ranks demonstrate your battle efficiency. You can level it up both in PvE and PvP. The higher your rank is, the more modern units you will receive for the wins.
This way, as soon as you unlock the Frontline and win a certain amount of times, you will be able to collect the whole unit park of the game and fight on other eras without completing the missions at all!
Receiving new ranks will also provide you an ability to purchase upgrades for your units (all eras upgrades included) in the Research tab whatever your campaign progression is.


1. Now if you click on your nickname while being on the globe you will be able to see a Player Information screen.
There you can find your current rank, see the next one and learn what you must do to achieve it. Also, Leaderboard had been transferred to this screen.
Through pulling your cursor over the next rank you will be able to see which units will be available for dropping down as rewards after you receive it through fighting in PvP or completing a certain mission.
2. Enhanced the sorting system of the reserves on the globe.


Fixed issues:
1. Fixed a bug which caused units to behave incorrectly – some of them did not turn to the target, some didn’t shoot.
2. Aviation you called in is no longer is in flames from the start :)
3. Changed Pz II Luhs gun characteristics slightly.